Dr Shari Corbitt Introduction video Agoura Neurofeedback: Eating Disorder and Chronic Pain Management

Dr. Shari Corbitt, formerly of Promises Treatment Centers on Tiger Wood’s Announcement

Peter Corbitt, CNT

Peter is a certified clinical neurotherapist specializing in the treatment of ADHD, ADD, autistic spectrum disorders, related anxiety issues, depression, addiction and weight loss. He has been performing Neurofeedback for 5 years. Peter came to the field of neurofeedback as a second career when a family member developed a seizure disorder that required neurofeedback in order to avoid the use of powerful medications. Struck by the help his loved one received, Peter switched careers and has been helping others ever since. Agoura Neurofeedback, Inc. is Peter’s brainchild and the result of the wonders of the efficacy of neurofeedback.