My 11 year old son has struggled with ADHD for most of his short life. In just over two months working with Dr. Shari and her amazing staff at Agoura Neurofeedback, we’ve seen dramatic improvement in his overall attention span. He now sits and reads novels (rather than comic strips), and we’ve reduced his medication by 66% (soon to be 100%)! You owe it to yourself to find out more about this amazing approach. We’re very happy we did! Dr. Shari is the best!!!

Tony P.

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I just want to say how impressed I am with the results of the neurofeedback treatments I received under the care of Dr. Shari Corbitt at Agoura Neurofeedback.

Jane C

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Here is a little something that I put together for Dr. Corbitt because I feel that people who need help or know someone who needs help, should be directed to a solution. Without hesitation I would direct them to Dr. Shari Corbitt.

Chumahan Bowen

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I have worked with many people in the field of alcohol, drug and co-occurring disorders. Shari Corbitt is one of the most gifted clinicians in the world. I started working with her in 2008. She has helped me see that there is more to helping people than what treatment modalities are designed for. What I mean by this is that Shari is equally open to spiritual ideas as well as medical necessity.

Matt Morgan

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I’ve worked with Dr. Shari Corbitt over the last several years in a variety of ways. We’ve consulted about clients, treatment programs and clinical modalities. She’s smart, funny, warm and generous. I find myself pleasantly surprised by her range of knowledge again and again. She’s so down to earth I forget how much she knows and how super smart she is. She also seems to know everyone and is great about facilitating connections. She’s such a caring person too. She’s made a difference in my life and in the lives of so many people.

Lee Ann Teaney

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Dr. Corbitt provides neurofeedback with complementary behavioral treatments to provide the most effective strategies and maximum relief for individuals with addictions, eating disorders and chronic pain. Optimal wellness is the goal for every client.

Sherry Young, PhD

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I have collaborated with Dr. Shari Corbitt for many years and seen her set up and run innovative programs, skillfully lead her treatment teams, and address difficult clinical issues. Shari has a way of blending humility with laser-like clarity that builds trust and provides space for anyone she works with to go deep and step into their power. I see her as a valuable resource in our community and often refer to her.

Linda Landon

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Dr. Corbitt has been an amazing inspiration in my life. She has given me so much self-confidence. Her ability to hand me a life tool, teach me to use it, and then apply it to many facets of my world has forever changed me. Dr. Corbitt seems to understand human nature on a deep level, and also has a very clear understanding of the practical world. She is a powerful person who is full of insight. She has been a true gift to me.

Laura Rhodes, LCHT

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